Edu Alliance Launches New Podcast Series

May 9, 2022 – Edu Alliance announces the launch of Higher Ed Without Borders a podcast series dedicated to education professionals worldwide.  The series is hosted by Dr. Senthil Nathan and Dean Hoke co-founders of Edu Alliance. Each episode is a half-an-hour-long conversation with international thought leaders that will enlighten and provide some new thoughts on critical issues facing higher education globally.

The series will examine critical issues in higher education that are common to universities throughout the world. The introduction episode titled “What Makes This New Series Unique?” Dr. Senthil Nathan and Dean Hoke, discuss why they created this international higher education podcast series.  

The initial 13-part series will begin on June 7th and a new episode will air every two weeks. The free podcast series will be available on Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts, IHeart, Deezer, Player FM, and others, just search for the phrase “Higher Ed Without Borders”.

Higher Ed Without Borders is conducting a short survey asking members of the higher education community to suggest future topics and guests. You can participate by going to Podcast Topics and Guest Suggestions.

If your organization wants to know more about how Edu Alliance can best serve you,  please connect with either  Dean Hoke in the United States or Dr. Senthil Nathan in the United Arab Emirates.

The podcast is a production of Edu Alliance an education consulting firm located in Bloomington, Indiana and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2014 Edu Alliance assist higher education institutions worldwide on a variety of mission critical projects. Our consultants are accomplished leaders who share the benefit of their experience to diagnose and solve challenges. We have provided consulting and executive search services for over 35 higher education institutions in Australia, Egypt, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nigeria, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

A special thanks to:

White Rabbit in Bloomington, Indiana who is providing graphics, and audio support.

Higher Education Digest is the media partner for Higher Ed Without Borders podcast. The Digest is an independent Higher Education Portal and Magazine.

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