Edu Alliance Group Announces a Coaching Program Dedicated to Higher Education Leaders

By Dean Hoke, December 2, 2019Edu Alliance announces a new coaching program service dedicated to Higher Education Leaders. Your personal and confidential coach will be selected from a team of highly experienced higher education professional coaches who will work closely with you to bring about the outcomes you have identified.

Why Does a Person Engage an Executive Coach?

older female executive shutterstock 2mbTo engage a coach is a highly personal decision. It is a one-to-one experience that is built on trust and honest communication. To commit to a safe working relationship with a coach is a bit like committing to going to the gym every day – starting to eat a healthy diet – and bringing your life into focus relatively free of stress.

The first step is to recognize that your current professional situation is not working for you and your staff.  Some people immediately consider hiring a big-four consulting firm. However, they are very expensive, and the person assigned is usually a bright, fresh-faced graduate who has little or no practical experience in higher education administration. When you feel you need a coach, you should have a person who has gone through similar experiences.

Finding a coach is very personal. It needs to be carefully and fully researched. You will share, in complete confidence, with your coach, your successes, and your failures. Your coach will know your professional personality and your working skills. Your coach needs to have extensive experience in the area of higher education administration and have their own set of successful experiences as well as failures. The coach brings to your situation a view that allows them to see your work from a new perspective and provide guidance and suggestions that will lead to building confidence and success all in total confidentiality.

Coaching has numerous meanings for people. Edu Alliance coaches will create a series of outcomes designed around your specific situation and needs.

Outcomes may include:

  • Defining your personal leadership qualities
  • Improving communications
  • Building confidence in yourself and reducing stress
  • Building skills to recognize you and your staff’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Improving time management and the ability to delegate
  • Learning to recognize what upsets you and how to control it

Where to Begin?

After contacting Edu Alliance, we will arrange an initial confidential session at no charge with a coach to discuss why you contacted us and your objective. We will then outline a program and strategy that best fits your needs.

Programs and Rates

Personal Coaching – Our coaching program will depend on the nature of your goals, how many goals you have, your availability, and your level of commitment. Edu Alliance is project-driven and, therefore, will offer a solution with a fixed number of sessions over a defined period of time in the range of 3 -12 months.  For a person who has a time-sensitive issue that needs resolution, it may be 12 sessions over a two or three month period.  If you are looking for a year-long program that focuses on improving and enhancing your skills and leadership it may be 24-30 sessions.

Training Events – Edu Alliance has a wide array of experienced senior university advisors and coaches who will come to your campus to conduct a one to three-day specialized training session. Examples are:

  • Fundamentals of leadership in higher education
  • Team Building
  • Strategies for developing New Academic programs
  • Managing Difficult Faculty
  • Alumni Cultivation
  • Branding and Reputation
  • Strategies to Improve Your Rankings
  • Strategies for Developing and Implementing a Diversity Plan
  • Crisis Management Preparation
  • Retention Strategies

Knowledgeable and Experienced Consultants

We have assembled a team of highly experienced higher education leaders to serve as coaches.

davisson tom-1

Tom Davisson, Partner Edu Alliance Group. Tom has worked in higher education for 45 years before recently retiring after 20 years from The Sullivan University System, where he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. He has coached and developed training for young university executives as well as establishing college programs for Conflict Management and Dale Carnegie Leadership Training.

candace goodwin-oct.-2018v2Dr. Candace Goodwin, Edu Alliance Group Advisory Council Member. Candace is an Executive Coach and consultant with over 30 years of higher education executive leadership experience. She has designed and delivered workshops in areas such as: Coaching Skills for Leaders, Growth Mindset,  Powerful Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Strategic Planning and Goal Setting, and Employee Engagement.

Steven JonesDr. Steve Jones, Edu Alliance Group Advisory Council Member. Steve has served in a variety of positions in higher education, starting as an instructor to President of four universities. He has coached and mentored many educators during his 35-year career in higher education. He has recently conducted a Leadership workshop at KIMEP University in Almaty Kazakhstan.


161_Dan_King__1-1-12_Dr. Dan King, Edu Alliance Group Advisory Council Member. Dan is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Association of University Administrators, a non-profit professional organization for higher education leaders and administrative personnel. He has been a faculty member, dean, provost/academic vice president throughout his 40-year career.  He has a private consultant, served on several coaching assignments and led numerous training program for academic department chairs

How do I find out more?

For additional information, call 502-257-1063 or email either Tom Davisson or Dean Hoke. After our initial conversation a proposal will be submitted to you, which will detail Edu Alliance’s plan of action, including timeline, expectations, outcomes, and a proposed price.


EDU ALLIANCE Group Welcomes Three New Members to Advisory Council

Bloomington, Indiana October 28, 2019 – Edu Alliance Group Managing Partner of North America Dean Hoke announced today that Thomas Delaney, Dr. Candace Goodwin, and Dr. Cheryl King are named to the North America Advisory Council.

Tom.Delaney.headshot.2013.v2-2Mr. Delaney is an independent technology expert who has recently consulted on a variety of organizations in the education, smart city, corporate risk, and logistics markets.  He was Vice President of Global Technology and Chief Global Technology Officer at New York University and a member of the University Leadership Team that orchestrated the design and development of campuses throughout the world. Mr. Delaney was personally responsible for global technology strategy across NYU’s functional areas and coordinated the university’s IT operations throughout its 16 sites across the world, including New York City, Shanghai, and Abu Dhabi.

candace goodwin-oct.-2018v2Dr. Goodwin is an Executive Coach and consultant with over 30 years of executive leadership experience, directing innovation and change, leading teams, and providing organizational & leadership development. Candace has designed and delivered workshops in areas such as: Coaching Skills for Leaders, Growth Mindset, Powerful Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Strategic Planning, and Goal Setting, and Employee Engagement.  She has worked in higher education for most of her 30-year career for a variety of institutions and served as a Vice President, Senior Vice President of Enrollment, and President.

Cheryl King headshotDr. King, an expert in the field of workforce development, has dedicated her career focusing on adult and postsecondary education at the state and national levels. Recently she has worked with the Lumina Foundation Strategy Labs program as a State Advisor to help states achieve the Foundation’s goal of 60% of U.S. adults with college degrees, certificates, or quality credentials by 2025. She has served as President of Kentucky Wesleyan College and a number of state government posts and task forces including the commission that led to the development and ultimate passage of Kentucky Adult Education Act in 2000, and as Senior Policy Advisor for Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education to develop competency-based education options to help adults to be successful and complete a credential or degree.

“Edu Alliance is honored to welcome Tom, Candace, and Cheryl to the Advisory Council,” said Managing Partner Dean Hoke. “Their expertise in higher education and government in the fields of educational technology, coaching, and workforce development adds a new level of expertise and depth to our small college and university and international higher education clientele. They are tremendous additions to our Edu Alliance Advisory Council, who help and support our clients.”

Current North America Advisory Council Members of the Edu Alliance Group are:

Dr. Roger Brown, retired Chancellor of the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga; Dr. Denise Gifford, Associate Provost American University Ras al Khaimah; Dr. Stephen Jones, former Chancellor of the University of Alaska Fairbanks; Dr. Daniel King, Chief Executive Officer of the American Association of University Administrators; Dr. Allen Meadors, former President of St. John International University in Torino Italy; Jay Noren M.D., former President of Wayne State University; Marci Powell, CEO of Marci Powell and Associates; and Ken Salomon, Chair Thompson Coburn Lobbying and Policy Group.


cropped-edu-alliance-logo-square1.jpgEdu Alliance Group, Inc. is a unique boutique management consulting company founded in 2014 with offices in Bloomington, Indiana, and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The company focuses on the education sector providing support to small colleges and universities in the United States and higher education institutions outside the US.  The firm and its partners are experienced practitioners who take a pragmatic evidence-based approach rather than an abstract theoretical perspective.

Edu Alliance provides a diverse group of distinguished higher education professionals to research, plan, and execute programs. The partners and advisory members are available for consulting projects worldwide. Consultancy work includes:

  • Small College and University advisory services: feasibility studies, due diligence review, business plans,partnership agreements, mergers, and accreditation
  • Market Research, communications, enrollment evaluation planning, marketing research, and branding
  • International Strategic Planning and Partnerships
  • Executive and Key Faculty Search for International Universities
  • Educational Technology strategies and implementation


Dean Head and Shoulder for webManaging Partner North America

Dean E. Hoke




Senthil 2 copyManaging Partner Middle East

Dr. Senthil Nathan




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Dr. Chet Haskell




davisson tom-1Partner North America

Tom Davisson





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