Edu Alliance Co-Founder is Panelist in the MBRSG Public Policy Forum in Dubai

Edu Alliance is pleased to announce that Dr. Senthil Nathan, Managing Director of Edu Alliance UAE will be a panelist on Effectiveness of Education Reform Panel during The Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government Public Policy Forum on March 12, 2017, 9:05 – 10:30.

Other members of the panel are:

  • Moderator : Dr. Guy Burton Assistant Professor MBRSG
  • Dr. David Johnson – Oxford University
  • Prof. M. Ramesh – University of Singapore
  • Jamila Al Muhair  – Minister of State for Education

Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government Public Policy Forum is the UAE’s leading academic forum on public policy issues. It brings together a diverse number of world-class experts from the education sector regionally and globally to directly address the future challenges, opportunities and direction of education policy.  In light of the fact that education has been and continues to be a key driver for tangible progress and development in the UAE, the public policy forum on Education will focus on the roles of public and private sector in education provisions, capacity building in the sector, impact of reforms and how innovation and technology are being leveraged to improve outputs in the education sector

This forum will be a platform for policymakers and stakeholders to connect and drive change, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Public Policy Forum will contribute to advancing a sustainable education model in the region and to shaping the manner in which the sector is governed.

The March 12th & 13th event will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The Forum’s theme is “Future Direction in Education Policy” and will host key decision makers, international speakers in policy debates and round table discussions in order to identify challenges. It will explore the future policy requirements which can sustain the remarkable pace of development that education has seen in the UAE.

In particular I recommend education leaders, investors in education, members of the academic community and government officials to attend.  Follow this link  MBRSG Policy Forum Registration to make your reservation.


Don’t be deceived by diploma mills…

“I never realised that this was so big and more than that, it was the embarrassment of having been scammed.Laws and regulations need to be in place internationally in order for the whole business to be put to an end.Even if one person, somewhere, can be stopped from making the same mistake, it would be worth it.”

Young beautiful business woman is thinking about education at business school. Drawn business icons over the concrete wall. Graduation hat.

This is a quote from a woman who contacted me wanting to know if she could do anything about a Axact bogus school who deceived her and scammed her out of thousands of dollars. My article was just published in Teach UAE Magazine and is called “Don’t be deceived by diploma mills” Please read and if you are a person who has been scammed or know of someone I would like to hear your story.

Other Notes: I am attending the European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN) 2015 conference in Barcelona this week. I will be on a panel on June 12th at 10AM discussing Expanded Learning Scenarios of Best Practices. This will be my first European education conference and look forward to meeting my E-Learning colleagues.

One of the issues I want to raise with my North American & European colleagues this week  is the diploma mill scandals which is getting worldwide attention. I am advocating that EDEN, USDLA, and similar organizations help take the lead in exposing these groups and make sure bogus education groups are not members or if so then expelled. let’s look at ways professional E-Learning organizations can get the word out to individuals and groups about diploma mills and where to find quality accredited programs.  Follow me on Twitter (deanhoke) for updates.

PS: Image courtesy of Teach UAE Magazine


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