Its Time for the University of Louisville President to Resign

Pres Ramsey

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published a story “Litany of Controversies Leads to Calls for Louisville’s President to Resign”  The article focuses on the controversies surrounding President Ramsey. I have lived the majority of my adult life in Louisville and started my professional higher education career in Louisville. I also have my Masters from the University of Louisville and am a proud alumni.

Many years ago (1975) when I started in university work, I had a very wise mentor who told me:

“If you become a President and you are good at what you do, you will have 10 years to make positive change. Everyone in the community will think you are the smartest person in the room and they will love you. Just don’t believe you are really the smartest person. Be proud of you have done for the organization & the community & know when its time to go to a new job where you bring new concepts and can get excited again.”

Dr. Ramsey has been an excellent President during his tenure and built up the reputation of the university. However it is in danger of  sliding backwards and they could lose national and local support if this continues.

Perhaps its time for President Ramsey to resign and take his skills to another organization where he can personally be           re-energized and move a different institution forward.

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