The Assured Cost of Clamping Down on H-1B “Genius” Visas

LinkedIn Article by Blake Irving

I recommend an article by Blake Irving well worth reading. With all the changes occurring in the early days of the Trump administration, many of his executive orders and draft orders are having an adverse effect on higher education. Most of you know about the temporarily banning of US entry to all citizens from seven countries and Syrian refugees which has been met with almost universal opposition from the US college and university community. However a draft called “Protecting American Jobs and Workers by Strengthening the Integrity of Foreign Worker Visa Programs” has surfaced. If signed, many believe there will be serious consequences for US-based tech companies’ ability to hire elite global talent.

Many of the largest technology companies are speaking out in opposition. Blake Irving CEO of Go Daddy has written an article on LinkedIn that presents his views. Its called The Assured Cost of Clamping Down on H-1B Genius Visas

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