Are private tuitions a necessary evil? |

Posting this story from Gulf News on parents in Dubai contracting tutors. Last week my blog entry was on UAE Committment to Education on K-12 education in the UAE where I mention parents spending additional funds on tutoring. To summarize: the situation in Abu Dhabi:

ADEC recently conducted a survey of parents in Abu Dhabi of which 40,000 responded. One surprising fact came out; just over 47% stated their child takes private lessons in subjects such as Math, Science, English and Arabic. It is also reported that the cost of private tutoring ranges from 100-175AED per hour. It would seem to mean that children are not getting sufficient support in the classroom.  Also teachers are making extra income being tutors though their employer can reprimand or fire them, though it’s unlikely to occur.

Are private tuitions a necessary evil? |

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