Update: New Pay Structure Upsets Some Emirati Teachers

On February 11, I posted on my blog the story reported by The National concerning Emirati teachers upset over the new ADEC pay structure. In my comments, I asked whether the new system could hurt retention of Emirati teachers and hoped a more public explanation of the pay structure would ease concerns.

Shireena Al Nowais of The National on February 17th, has posted an update to her story Emirati teachers threaten to resign over new pay scale.

In her story she states the “education chiefs have moved to reassure teachers in Abu Dhabi over their new pay structure.”
In fact, while no pay increase had been planned, teachers will find that the flexible new salary structure brings substantial pay rises based on their performance, said Dr Mugheer Al Khaili, director general of Adec, the Abu Dhabi Education Council. Under the previous more rigid system, salary increases came only with promotion to principal or vice principal.

“What we have done is something completely new,” said Dr Al Khaili. “We devised a new system where there is a grade for every position, but every position has 10 steps.

The question is; Will the more fully explained new compensation system satisfy teachers or is it not be enough to retain Emirati teachers who threaten to resign.

To read the entire article click  Adec say salaries were not increased, but pay scale changed

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