How to Shut Down Fake Universities


On May 26th I posted “CALL FOR ACTION: SHUT DOWN DIPLOMA MILLS”. I have been amazed there has been over 500 views and 134 Tweets of this article. It appears many people are concerned about these bogus schools and want them shut down.

Al Fanar, who has been reporting on Diploma Mills since the Spring, posted a follow-up article called Authorities Shut Down A Global Network of Fake Universities and I submitted an opinion piece called It’s Time to Shut Down Fake Universities. In my article I recommend a series of actions to be taken against diploma mills and advocate the GCC education agencies should recognize that adult students need alternatives to attending a traditional university classroom. I suggested the time has come for governmental agencies to encourage and approve accredited online degree programs based in the GCC for adult learners.

I would ask you read both of these Al Fanar articles and post your opinion on actions needed to be taken.  Also if you have received a bogus degree I would like to invite you to post your story and describe your experience.

PS: If you would like to see my opinion piece in Arabic go to

حان الوقت لإغلاق الجامعات الوهمية

Note: Illustration courtesy of Al Fanar and Walter Kesaris

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