Executive Search: Dean of Arts & Science

Edu Alliance has been engaged by a university in the United Arab Emirates who is seeking a Dean of Arts & Science.

Our search process includes professors who seek career advancement – having served as Department Chairs, Associate Deans. We think the person should have an interest in expanding their horizon and intrigued with the opportunity in working in a senior academic position in building a relatively young school – and there is a wonderful vision to grow this school of Arts & Sciences as one of the leader in the region.  The student population is a mixture of UAE nationals and expats from the region.

The Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences is expected to:

• Hold a terminal degree in a field relevant to the Arts and Sciences.

• Have experience in academic administration in an American university or one organized on an American model, ideally at the Dean’s level, but as a minimum at the Associate Dean level

• Have experience teaching at the university level, in English.• Be able to be appointed at the Full Professor level.

• Have experience in a multicultural and multi-linguistic environment.

• Experience with American institutional accreditation

If interested or you wish to nominate a candidate, contact at dean.hoke@edu-alliance.net  with your Cv and letter of application. We will contact you to discuss additional details.

2 Replies to “Executive Search: Dean of Arts & Science”

  1. Dean,
    I believe Prof. Joel Hayward would be an excellent choice for this position He was my former department Chair of Humanities and Social Sciences at Khalifa University.


  2. I nominate Dr Donald E. Bowen who has a long and varied experience of management in higher education, including serving as president of an American university, serving as a senior official of UAE University (Dean of Science, Vice Provost for Reaearch and Graduate Studies), consultant for research policy at Qatar University, Vice President for Academic Affairs of Sharjah University, and Rector of the American University of Baku. He is thoroughly familiar with the challenges facing higher education in the UAE. His email address is sfadon@yahoo.com and his phone number is 001 936 205 6131. I know him from my own work in the administration of UAEU and admire his knowledge and skill.


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