Dr. Badr Aboul-Ela and Julien Carter Appointed to Edu Alliance Advisory Council

April 2, 2018: Dean Hoke, Co-Founder of Edu Alliance and Managing Partner of North America announced two new members to the Advisory Council.

Badr Aboul Ela

Dr. M. Badr Aboul-Ela is Director for the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), in the United Arab Emirates since 2007. He has served as a member of the Commission since it was established in 2000. He had a leading role in developing the UAE Standards for Licensure and Accreditation for post-secondary education. Dr. Badr is joining our advisory council as a director of Edu Alliance (USA). 

Dr. Aboul-Ela is a highly regarded expert in Middle East accreditation and institutional review. He participated in numerous institutional and program accreditation review teams in Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, as well as the United Arab Emirates.

He chaired the External Institutional Review Team at Qassim University, Imam Mohamed Bin Saud University, Taiba University, Um AlQura University, and was a member of the Institutional Review Team at King Saud University and King Abdulaziz University.   Additionally, he chaired program review teams at Um AlQura University, Imam Mohamed Bin Saud University, and King Saud University.

As a researcher, he published a total of 103 articles in refereed journals. He won several research prizes and awards including the Egypt National Prize for Research, Abdel-Hamid Showman’s Prize, and Presidential Distinction Medal, for Excellence in Research.

Dr. Senthil Nathan Co-Founder of Edu Alliance states:  “Edu Alliance will benefit from his advisory services in all regions except for the UAE.  We will particularly benefit from his expertise in quality assurance and accreditation issues, challenges and opportunities in the MENA region.”


Julien Carter is the Vice President for Human Resources at Tufts University.  In this role he collaborates with the university community to ensure that human resource practices, policies, and systems at Tufts are aligned with institutional priorities, attuned to changing workplace demographics and supportive of individual employees.

Prior to Tufts, Mr. Carter served as the founding Vice President for Human Resources at Khalifa University, Chief Human Resource Officer at both the University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Louisville. In addition, he was the Commissioner of Employee Relations for the State of Minnesota in the cabinet of Governor Jesse Ventura.

His key skill is the assessment of organizational and employee priorities and development of thoughtful human capital, technology, and operational strategies to make the human resource function more effective and efficient. Throughout his career, he effectively collaborates with a variety of stakeholders in the development and advancement of human capital initiatives. Julien’s interactions often required a blending of his experience as a lawyer, teacher, mediator, consultant, and communicator.

Dean Hoke stated: “We currently have an outstanding group of advisors and  Edu Alliance is honored to have Dr. Badr and Julien Carter as our newest members. Their vast experience in higher education worldwide adds depth and expertise in international accreditation, institutional review, human resources and mediation.  The Edu Alliance partners Dr. Senthil Nathan, Dr. Chet Haskell, Nancy K. Hoke and myself look forward to their wise counsel and advice.”

What is the Edu Alliance Advisory Council?

The Advisory Council was founded in 2014 and consists of 14 members all involved in higher education. Members represent various areas in the field as well as geographically. Edu Alliance has found the Advisory Council a valuable resource and people we can turn to for consulting projects when appropriate

  • The Council consist of quality professionals from colleges and universities who have worked in the field and understands the day-to-day challenges of senior higher education officers.
  • They serve as senior consultants and help guide the activities of Edu Alliance.
  • Advisors bring their breadth of knowledge and experience gained through years of professional involvement of knowledge of the United States and as well as internationally.
  • The Advisory Council acts as advocates and consultants for the firm with institutions, friends, and colleagues.

What are the responsibilities of an Advisory Council Member?

  • Serve in an advisory capacity, individually and as part of a council, to further the mission of the alliance and to counsel and support the founding partners.
  • Serve as an advocate for Edu Alliance.
  • Members serve as keynote speakers, panelist, and moderators at higher education conferences worldwide.


Edu Alliance is a higher education consultancy firm with offices in the United States and the United Arab Emirates. The founders and its advisory members have assisted higher education institutions on a variety of projects, and many have held senior positions in higher education in the United States and internationally.

Our specific mission is to assist universities, colleges, and educational institutions to develop capacity and enhance their effectiveness.


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