Things that Keep Higher Education Leaders Awake at Night Postscript

By Dean Hoke, Co-Founder of Edu Alliance.

Edu Alliance beginning last January published a series of 15 articles based on the theme Things that Keep Higher Education Leaders Awake at Night. The links to all the articles are below. 

2018 has been a very difficult year for all who work in higher education, be it the United States, UK, or the Middle East. With increased competition,  enrollment declines, changes in laws and battling for funding we felt the series would give you some possible solutions for the challenges you meet daily.  We have received feedback from many of you and it has been positive. We  hope you have found the series enlightening as well.

Our firm Edu Alliance, which is a boutique consultancy focusing on higher education believes everyone deserves the opportunity to go to post secondary schools, be it a community college, university or vocational.  The facts are a person who has a post secondary degree will highly likely economically succeed, be a productive citizen, and make their country better.  Those in the corporate world will tell you a primary consideration in expansion is the availability of educated workers.

We believe higher education institutions need to become more aggressive in showing its importance to its community, region, and country.  We believe their needs to be a mix of institutions, big, small, private, public and even for-profit.  We also believe schools need fresh thinking in how they operate and present themselves to the public and government leaders.

Edu Alliance partners Dean Hoke, Dr. Senthil Nathan, Dr. Chet Haskell and Nancy Hoke as well as our advisory council members mission is to assist educational institutions worldwide to develop capacity and enhance their effectiveness. We are here to assist you and your institution. Feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting on how we can assist you.

Edu Alliance SErvices


cropped-edu-alliance-logo-square1.jpgEdu Alliance is a higher education consultancy firm with offices in the United States and the United Arab Emirates. The founders and its advisory members have assisted higher education institutions on a variety of projects, and many have held senior positions in higher education in the United States and internationally.

Our specific mission is to assist universities, colleges and educational institutions to develop capacity and enhance their effectiveness.

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