A Degree of Illegitimacy

999 article 1 reduced with talk

Edu Alliance in January 2015 began working with media publications to make the public aware of bogus online universities. Many of these groups who are based throughout the world are using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise their “degree programs” The ads are designed to deceive people who want to complete their education quickly.

Stories of these illegal practices have been written about by a leading UAE newspaper The National, Al Fanar, an English/Arabic higher education publication and reprinted in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

We are delighted and honored that in April, 999 published by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior (Editor-in Chief Lt. Colonel Awadh Al Kindi) published a major story called A Degree of Illegitimacy written by Paige Aarhus. We have made this available on a PDF format (click on title of story). We encourage you to read and let us know your reactions and your thoughts on how to shut these groups down. We also ask your assistance by sharing this article on the various social media outlets.

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