Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030 Universities are the Key

Building a knowledge-based economy is central to Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030. As such, Abu Dhabi is promoting the growth of universities, as well as doing tie-ups with major players such as MIT to advance education in the Emirate.

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce in its May issue did a major piece on Vision 2030 and the government’s focus on education.  The story is called School’s In and we encourage you to give it a read. It is in PDF format.

It states in the article: “The country’s leadership knows that to be a world-class nation it must foster a world-class population, so the development of a homegrown knowledge base forms the bedrock of Abu Dhabi’s ambitious long-term development plans.”

Dean Hoke Co-Founder of Edu Alliance has asked his views on education and the states the serious government commitment is the single biggest factor in building a highly educated populace. “The key is commitment by the government to fund and promote education from K-20.”

Enjoy the article School’s In

Schools In graduation

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